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For the past few years I've found a new respect for photography and it has given me the ability to express myself in ways I never imagined. It has opened my eyes to an amazing city that I've lived in my whole life and never really stopped to look around. I've seen more of this city through photography than I have my entire life growing up here, taking in views which had previously gone unnoticed, and enjoy every second of it.

Now I find myself getting out of bed when its still dark outside and driving to scenic locations just to catch the sun rise, or spend days walking the busy streets looking for unique vantage points to shoot from.

I also spent quite a bit of time living on the west coast for work but that has given me the chance to shoot at some amazing locations. This was also a new style of photography for me and was a process of trial and error, putting in hours of hiking to get to some locations, and exploring as much as I could.

The thrill of the adventure and exploring new places is exciting to me and I cant seem to get enough, from the rooftops of skyscrapers, to the tunnels beneath your feet or deep into the woods, walking across bridges that have been left to stand alone in time, unnoticed..but not by all. Taking pictures in these places and capturing that moment is what I love because some people will never get to see any of it with their own eyes, and I may never be there again.

I hope you are enjoying looking through my work.


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Looking to furnish a new home or possibly your business? Canvas, fine art metal and acrylic prints available, price varies depending on size and material. Email me with the subject "prints" and we can discuss all of the options from there. I look forward to hearing from you!